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Updated: May 3rd, 2016

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Updated: April 6th, 2016

Frequently asked questions

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How long have you been trading?

We have been trading in Bishop’s Cleeve, Cheltenham since 1985.

Why should I purchase from Alpine Systems & why no pricing?

The main reason we do not advertise any pricing on our systems is purely because we do prefer to speak with our potential customers on a one to one basis.But please feel rest assured that this is not a ‘ploy’ to have the opportunity to give you the hard sell on a system.

In fact quite the opposite … We fully understand that it is a big investment and things need to be absolutely right. So once you have the specification and price confirmed please take as long as you require before deciding to go ahead.

Another very important point is we prefer not to think of ourselves as being just another large faceless computer company ‘churning’ out systems without having any direct contact with the customer.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge that coming on board with Alpine is more that just simply purchasing a new computer.

It’s a partnership ….. and right from the very start we want to give you that ‘one to one’ service which is greatly lacking within this industry … therefore, encouraging you to contact us we can then go through any possible changes to the specification we have supplied … tailor making it perfectly for your needs.

Once this has been achieved we can then give you a no obligation price on the bespoke system you have chosen.

What is the warranty with your computers?

All of our systems come with a 3 year RTB* warranty.

The first year parts and labour are covered, second and third year labour is free.

Technical support is as long as you require us.

*Return to Base.

Do you help with installing and configuring my Flight Sim software?

Yes, not a problem at all ….. This is one area that we specialise in …. all you need to do is when you place an order for a new system with us … let us know what you have purchased whether it is downloaded or disks (These will need to be sent to us in advance) .. we will then happily install and ‘fine tune’ the software for you.

This ensures that when you take delivery of your new ‘Flying Machine’ … all you have to do is ‘fire up’ the sim and you will be in the air in no time …

What does this cost?

Absolutely nothing!! It’s all part of the service.

From ordering .. how long does it take to get my new system?

Generally we usually work to get your system to you between 5 – 7 days …

You can also rest assure that we thoroughly test the system before you take delivery.

Do you use Premium phone numbers

Definetely not.

That is one thing that really does annoy us when we hear of people having to spend a great deal of time on premium numbers to get help on a problem they may have encountered.

When you ring us you will only be paying for the standard rate your telephone supplier has set for you.

Do you use quality components in your systems

The simple answer to that one is an empahatic YES.

What you have to remember is .. to a large company £5.00 extra for the difference between a quality motherboard and a standard motherboard is an incredible amount of money when you are ordering thousands of boards.

You can draw your own conclusion to which option they are likely to take!

We pride ourselves in using top quality components in all areas of the build of your new Alpine system.