Updated: April 6th, 2016


As a committed flight simmer, I spent many months agonising over what kind of system mix I wanted to replace my rather tired Flight Simulator. I read countless articles in PC Pilot and other sources and ended up with a good outline of what I thought I wanted.
Not being technically competent enough to put it together myself, I then spent many more months looking for an organisation to assist me. I spoke to two of the principal bespoke flightsim suppliers (at least, those who advertised..!) and was not overly impressed.

Yes, they wanted the business, but their approach was more akin to a standardised, ‘take it or leave it’ spec. Fortunately, I met Paul at a Flight Simulation exhibition. Not only is he an approachable and amiable individual, he spent time discussing my specific needs and then went the extra mile and invited me to see a fully constructed system where I was able to nail the spec and place the order. His words of common sense, advice and encouragement were just what was needed. He installed the system at home for me and one tiny glitch was resolved by email whilst he was on holiday…!! Tell me what other flight simulator vendor would spend time and effort in this way…they won’t…!!!

Paul now has me as a customer for life and when it eventually comes to an upgrade or replacement in a few years’ time, I know where I will be going. I would like to think I am both impartial and objective in my views.
I have no hesitation in recommending Alpine Systems for your flight simulation system purchase and would be happy to respond to any queries from potential customers.

Ron Lindsay MBE MRAeS.